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404 – error – carrot 0.9


  1. Download  it from this site or from Wordpress plugin directory.
  2. Once you activate the plug-in go to your current template folder (wp-content/themes/your-template/) and put the following piece of code into the 404.php file.
    <?php if (function_exists(’funct_404_error_carrot’)) funct_404_error_carrot();
    If the file doesn’t exists then create it your self. The best put in to the 404.php file also the header, sidebar, and footer as well. Then the page will looks the same as your regular page but the information of nonexistent content with a carrot on the top :)

the code of 404.php page may look like this:

if (function_exists('funct_404_error_carrot'))


The plug-in includes four different pictures of carrot with different sizes. By default the plug-in will show the biggest (584px × 360px), If it’s too big for you then open the 404-carrot-project.php (in wp-content/plugins/404-carrot-project/) and choose the appropriate number specifying the useful size (2 – 250×150px, 3 – 200×63px, 4 – 100×42px).


version 0.9



If this plug-in is still not enough for you, then consider to use other advanced plug-ins for 404 error pages such as Smart 404, or Useful 404’s. You can combine with 404 error carrot plug-in, they won’t bother each other.

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  1. Artycok.TV Says:

    I don’t like the red carrot. Only artichoke!